“Double Trouble” for 2 Parties

Terence + BudFor the introduction of the documentation of www.budspencermovie.com in Rome fan club’s Marcus Zölch will hand out a puppet of the MarionettenWerkstatt to the idol of his and others youth Bud Spencer. A little later Terence Hill gets his counterpart, too.

One will be met in Rome for an interview, the other for his 72. Birthday. For those who take it seriously, Bud Spencer’s marionette shows him in his Piedone-character (starting in 1974), the one for Terence Hill as his famous Nobody (starting in 1973).
30 years after the forced going to the cinemas with her little brother to watch Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movies pays back for Gabi Dellinger – a good research after all.