Supporting Actor in ARD TV Trio ‘Dreileben’

In Komm mir nicht nach (Don’t follow me) the robber Humpert of the MarionettenWerkstatt is the supporting actor. The movie is part of the trio Dreileben first shown at the 61. Berlinale and later presented on ARD (First German TV Channel) with quite some attention.

The idea has been a project of film director Christian Petzold, Dominik Graf and Christoph Hochhäusler. Each one responsible for one movie of its own, though connected by geography, characters, time and events: one summer, one place, one criminal case – one time in front, two times as background.
In Dominik Graf’s Komm mir nicht nach, produced by Degeto Film, criminal psychologist Jo shall help to get a hand on sexual criminal Molesch. Because there are no rooms available in the local hotel she lives with her college mate Vera and her husband Bruno. In talks the two women figure out that they have had a relationship with the same man back in college days. Their talks are interrupted when Molesch suddenly appears in the backyard.
Our Robber Humpert comes on stage, when Jeanette Hain as Jo has to leave her little daughter with her parents before her job brings her to the town of Dreileben in the Thuringian Forrest. Robber Humpert still lives in her former room just as in the mother’s childhood days.
Robber Humpert also has the honor to appear during the credits at the end of the movie.
Beyond that small but proud part of the MarionettenWerkstatt Dreileben is a thrilling TV highlight of the summer.

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