What material are the heads made of?
The heads are all produced individually out of an modeling material, afterwards colored with a acryl paint and sealed with transparent acryl.
The heads of those marionettes, found in our shop are found with a not poisonous acryl paste and also painted and sealed.

Are the clothings sewed by yourself?
Yes, all clothes are sewed and fit individually for each puppet individually.

Are the marionettes playable?
Depending on their size and the amount of strings the marionettes agile and of course playable.
But they are not “theater and stage” able.

Do you also repair marionettes?
Marionettes made by us will certainly repaired, if possible.
No others. Sorry.

How long is the time of delivery?
Individual Orders usually take 4 weeks.
The marionettes in the shop are usually available within 1 week.
When you are in a real hurry give us a call write a mail. We will see, what we can do for you.