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Yes, we exist!
Opposite to all rumors in the net Bielefeld actually exists and here is the proof:
111 exceptional places one had to see in the city is absolutely worthwhile.
MW is also represented, as No. 66 of 111.

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Greetings from Caspar

casparmitbuch_smallWell-known children’s book author Stefanie Taschinski has written a new book: “Caspar and the Master of Forgetting”, a fantastic story about friendship, courage and the power of memory.
In her readings, she is now supported by “Caspar” as a marionette from the MW.

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“Is there life without play?”

Evolution_smallThat is the motto the MarionettenWerkstatt provides the Natural Science Museum with a shop window.
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Regional TV reports on “Lokalzeit” from the Breite Straße

Our Street (Unsere Straße) of WDR’s Lokalzeit visited Beielefeld’s to introduce three extraordinary shops, one of them the MarionettenWerkstatt.
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Gala for the 50th anniversary “Mindener Stichlinge”

Gala-Mindener-Stichlinge-37_smallGermany’s oldest amateur cabaret, the ‘Mindener Stichlinge’,came up with something special for their golden wedding. Together with former and current actors they made it an unforgettable evening for their fans, friends and companions – one of them the former Federal Minister of Justice Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger.
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Green gets red sister

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASounds like political coalition, but it’s just a dragon family extansion.
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Weihnachtsrundherum: the street festival in the Neustädter district

Cover_smallThe Neustädter district invites everybody to attend to their Christmas party on December 5th, 10:00 to 20:00 o’clock.
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Farewell concert for founding members of the band “Höhner”

Gruppe_smallOn August 29, 2015 the two founding members of the Höhner” Peter Werner and Janus Fröhlich appeared on stage for the last time at the the traditional HöhnerClassic”series of concerts in the Philharmonic Hall in Cologne. weiterlesen | read more »

Emergency at Radio Bielefeld

mitgips_smallThe “Early Team” of Radio Bielefeld exists as miniature unit for exterior missions. A visit at the firefighters a situation sliped out of hand. weiterlesen | read more »

Quälgeister move into the “Kaffee-Buehne”

KaffeeMuehle_smallA whole mob of our stick puppets move into the “Kaffee-Bühne” (coffee stage) and name themself “MuP’se” now. weiterlesen | read more »

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