About us

In 1980 I began to create handmade puppets in the Marionetten Werkstatt (Workshop of the Puppets). Starting as a unique present idea for friends and relatives it pushed the studies of art away and quickly became a profession. The gang of clowns, witches and wizards in the beginning became a group, containing all kinds of occupations that are found in the Yellow Pages.

It doesn’t matter if it is for tv-channel NDR’s commercial clip, the different present for the boss’s 50. birthday, the opening of somebody’s own practice or just a nice present. The formed hands and feet, the tailored clothing, the well-chosen accessories and the fine facial expressions guarantee that every puppet is unique.

When clay, wood and cloth become Characters with hearts and souls.
Lots of experience and trying to work with different materials made the Marionetten Werkstatt’s puppets what they are today. Hands, feet and expressional faces are made of a sculptural paste, but it is the color that spares the marionette’s life. That and the wadding-stuffed bodies give one an idea of the later size and look of the character. In our depot is everything from hair to beards, a doctor’s coat to a gardener’s apron. Just at the very end all the strings are connected with the controller. Then the string puppets from 15 cm (6 inches) to 100 cm (3’4”) are finished.

… and what else?!

Beyond the classical string puppets the Marionetten Werkstatt also offers almost all characters as (rice-filled) sit-puppets, miniature string puppets, bottle closers and much more.