Portrait Marionette

Individually made after your hand-in photos

Can you imagine your boss as a puppet? Maybe with that funny tie he always wears or other typical accessories? Portrait marionettes are always special designs. Heads, hands and feet are made of ‘efa-plast’, hand colored and the clothing is tailored especially for this character, following your detailed informations.

As a pattern I need one portrait (several photos would be better) and a rather detailed profile of the person (Colors of hair and eyes, figure, clothing, accessories). Size is about 60 cm (about 24 inches). Time of delivery is about 4 weeks, but can increase due to the amount of orders.

Portait marionettes in our shop

Documentation / The rise of a marionette after a photo pattern

The head is build step by step. The nose and the ears are attached at the end.
The head is done and must dry for at least one week.

After the heads are dry they are primed with skin colored acryl-based paint.

Finally they become their make-up and a finishing paint.

Of course the clothing is tailored as wished. After 4 weeks and many single working steps the two puppets are finished.

Further Examples: